re you wondering how to rank videos on YouTube and Google? Standing out in the world’s largest video search engine YouTube is not really easy, but if you know the exact process than it is not that really tough to increase your channel’s views, subscribers and traffic.

Keywords always play a major role in SEO ranking and when we are talking about YouTube SEO then how can we forget about the significance of keywords in YouTube videos. It is obvious that one should use relevant keywords in video URL, video description, file name, and upload a custom thumbnail to rank on the top of the search result. However, in the case of YouTube video ranking, it solely relies on engagement signals which help to boost YouTube video ranking.

Therefore, creating a video in conjunction with your website will be a smart move by doing so; your website and video can rank #1 on the Google search page. It also embedded the video which helps to improve both video’s SEO and website’s video as well.

So, if you really want to increase your YouTube video’s views, subscribers and traffic, then here are some amazing YouTube SEO tips for 2020.

1. Search for video keywords in autocomplete

You must be thinking now what type of keywords will fall into autocomplete segment. Well, these video keywords are generally long-tail keywords which show up in both YouTube and Google Autocomplete. To search long-tail keywords, just type the main keyword in the search box and it will show up with the phrase to complete your keyword. Moreover, you can also use the underline _ character to get more specific results or ideas.

2. Learn the keyword’s competition

To know your keyword’s competition, you must install the MozBar Chrome Extension on Google Chrome. Yes, after installing MozBar chrome extension, you can do your keyword research by typing your search term like this – your search term. The highest PA (page authority) result will be shown on the top. You can check its PA (page authority); if it has high PA then the keyword is more competitive. General keywords are naturally more competitive; consequently, choose a specific phrase from YouTube/Google autocomplete to make a better video and top the search result.

To check top-ranked YouTube videos, you can install vidIQ chrome extension and search your keyword in YouTube. Through vidIQ, you will get an SEO score based on the video likes, dislikes, comments, views, subscribers, shares, view times, engagement and other metrics as well.

3. Create your YouTube video in 2019 with precision

We know it is not easy to gain massive engagement through YouTube videos, but if you will focus on the right keyword and get on the point then you will definitely going to rank on the top. So, here are some points on which you need to focus while making YouTube Videos in 2020.

SAY your target keywords

To rank your YouTube video on the top in 2020, you must use your keyword verbally as well. It has been proved that the more you will use your keyword verbally; your video will get more chance to rank on the top.

Length is strength

The length of the content matters a lot on website ranking, no matter whether it is a blog or video. Longer videos have more chances to rank at the top because people always look for informative content. Viewers tend to watch videos for a longer time if they will find your video informative than they will watch it till the end. It is the best way to gain viewers engagement; however, there is no perfect video length but min. 10 minutes videos are considered to see a better result.

HD quality

Nobody likes to watch the poor quality video, so make sure that you are using the best quality camera to make your video. Your video quality will make the biggest difference and make sure that your camera setting is set right.

Get to the point

Just to make your video lengthy, don’t stretch it by adding unnecessary content or pauses. Understand your goal, so you can make a video on the point without losing the viewer’s interest.


If you haven’t heard about cards, the cards are the small informative button which you can find on any YouTube video channel. This button can be linked to other related videos, poll, associated website, donations or other YouTube channels. These cards are mobile friendly and you can add them in YouTube’s video manager.

4. Upload the YouTube video with a keyword as the file name and create a keyword rich tile.

To rank your YouTube video on the top, it is very important to make the video file name as your keyword. Therefore, always ensure that you are saving your file using your keyword before uploading it.

And, to create an attractive title for your video, you need to focus on two things – keyword and a striking headline. Google generally display only 50-60 characters, therefore always try to maintain the range. It is not necessary to use the exact keyword but make sure that your keyword is present in your title.

5. Write a long description with keywords, timestamps, and links.

So, you have made a great YouTube video and ready to upload it, but what’s next? Long descriptions are great to get searched by maximum people. Just ensure that you have used at least one keyword in your first paragraph because it is very important to rank your content in the top search. Moreover, you can also add timestamps on your description, so that viewers can jump to that particular section directly without any wait. Apart from this, you can also add helpful video links, blog links or other helpful resources on the description to create more engagement in 2020.

6. Tags for YouTube Video

Tags are another helpful tactic which helps video to rank on the top. By adding tags, you will help Google and YouTube to acknowledge what your video is about. So, don’t be afraid to use tags from your competitor’s channels because in YouTube marketing it is the best practice that actually works. Here are some pro tips to use tags –

Use your exact target keyword, for example – Google SEO.

Make some variation of that phrase or word in your tags, for example – Google search engine optimization.

Lastly, you can also add tags of other topics as well that your video covers. For example – content marketing, link building, etc.

7. Design a good custom thumbnail

For every business, it is vital to design a good thumbnail, so upload a custom thumbnail in the video manager under info & settings. To make a nice thumbnail, the dimension needs to be 1280(w) x 720(h) pixels and write the description in BIG LETTERS.

8. Upload a transcript.

When you upload a video on YouTube just ensure that you have transcribed your video perfectly. Google transcription doesn’t go well always, so we recommend you to transcript yourself. YouTube automatic translation doesn’t come close to what you said; hence adding transcript manually is the best idea if you don’t want your keywords to be wasted.

9. Add a location to your YouTube video (local SEO)

If you are targeting audience of some particular region or just local audience then you can add your location in your video description. By adding a location to it, you can reach to your targeted audience directly. To add location and localized your keyword, check your video manager under “Advanced Settings”. Don’t forget to add your localized keyword in your title, description and file name as well.

10. Create a blog targeting the same keyword

Yes, creating a blog targeting the same keyword that you have used in your video is a great idea. Now, you must be wondering why? Well, when you will target the same keyword for both video and blog, there is a high chance of getting on the top rank on the Google. It is vice-versa because the traffic of your blog posts will be equal to the views of your video. Furthermore, if you will add video on your blog or blog in your video description, the engagement will increase automatically. This will not just improve your ranking but also increase likes, views, embeds, and metrics used in YouTube ranking factors.

11. Respond to all comments

Whether it is a blog post or video post, it is very important to reply to all comments. Have you ever wondered what makes video rank higher and what gets video more comments? The answer is “comments” which makes video rank on the top and your “response” to those comments makes more engagement. No matter whether it is a positive or negative comment always respond back.

12. Promote your YouTube Video

You have made a very nice video and uploaded it to your YouTube channel also but your duty is not ended there. To reach the maximum audience, you have to promote your video by sharing on social media platforms, using newsletter and other marketing tactics. Views will not come so easily, so you have to embed it to your website or blog and share it as much you can.


These are some of the most useful SEO YouTube tactics for 2020 which are likely to show positive results for all type of business. If you are new to YouTube marketing or starting with a new small business then you can do it also.

We hope you find this helpful, if you have any queries or want to share some views on it, you are free to comment below.

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