In 2019 it is vital to keep your website updated by following new web design trends. The website design plays a very important role for every business growth, especially in 2019 because it is an online identification of your business. Every year, the web design trends change and make a positive improvement in businesses. So, are you ready to spill the beans? The new upgraded web design trends of 2019 are definitely going to be the most exciting and newest design trends of the era.

Well, next year will be a whole new user experience for everyone as latest web design trends 2019 will buzz your website speed and mobile design with simple striking designs, asymmetrical layouts, immersive video background, and more. So, let’s find out what’s there in store for web design in 2019.

1. Cards

Cards are also known as a tile or portrait, and this design is speedily becoming an online trend all over the world. Card-based web designs provide main information in a shortened manner. Moreover, cards also increase customer engagement as most cards are highlighted as a “share” button. If you have visited Pinterest, then you must have seen grid layouts. These types of designs are clearly visible and keep your website elements aligned in a clean and neat way. This layout is great to showcase projects, services or blog posts because it will ease your user’s experience.

2. Minimalist Design

In 2019, it is going to be minimalist design because flat design and single web page layout will keep your website fresh, user-friendly and beautiful. To make an effective minimal design website, don’t overdo with its design keep it simple in combination with radiant buttons. Yes, adding buttons in your design is not just significant from the viewpoint of 2019 web design trends, it is actually useful. 

3. Flat Design 2.0

Flat Design 2.0 or semi-flat design isn’t vanishing in 2019, it counts on adding shade and depth to its prior ascetic identity. Add some shadows and gradients in your design to make some moderation. By adding gradients to your web design in 2019, it will look more vibrant with updated colors palettes and softer, subtler transitions.

Flat design has already made a positive impact on brands like Dropbox, Instagram, Stripe, Apple’s iOS, and Mastercard. But in 2019, marketers will experiment more with updated, softened, and stylized shadows in the web design.

4. Integrated Animations

With the rapid technology evolution, marketers are perspective to move to animations from a stagnant image in 2019. Everyone is looking for some innovative way to make website attractive and more engaging. Don’t make large background animation, smaller animations are considered to be more helpful to make more engagement with the visitor. Animation video is a very useful tool to include users in the website story because by making an animated video, you will allow your potential customers to see themselves in the characters. Moreover, you can also use animations for fun abstract graphics as it works well to create strong interactions for the visitors.

5. More Vibrant Colours

Big brands are all set to play with some vibrant colors online by designing color richer website. However, in the last year, many marketers were crammed with web-safe colors which helped to make designers more courageous to play with colors like vibrant shades combined with headings. In 2019, all websites will be in clashing colors, so get ready to attract visitor’s attention and make your website unique.

6. Bold Typography

Bold typography is one of the most powerful tools in web design because it helps to create your brand personality, stir up emotion and set website appeal by conveying all main information. As we have seen already, device resolution has become so dominant in the digital marketing with its shrill and cool custom fonts. Many internet browsers can support customized or hand-made typefaces (excluding Internet Explorer) that are permitted by CSS for web browsers.

The trend of bold typography in 2019 is going to be of large letters, contrasting sans serif and serif headings which help to make dynamic parallels, improve UX and the best thing is it will help to connect with the visitors.

In web pages also the headers play the role of SEO. Hence, create your header targeting your audience while making sure that the information you are providing is holding your visitor’s attention. For web designers, it will be highly advantageous to attract customers in a mass by creating attractive headers.

7. Optimized for Mobile (Mobile Responsive)

Nowadays, everyone is mobile savvy and almost everyone does online shopping, online booking and more through a mobile site or app only. Therefore, it is very important to make an enhanced mobile site to make the user’s browsing experience swift and relaxed. Ensure that your mobile site is mobile-friendly and fit to small screens. Your mobile site needs to be designed smartly so that users can navigate the website easily from top to bottom through any devices. Another thing which you need to take care of is the content should not be too heavy, better make light content that is relevant to your brand.

8. Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are going to be the coolest web design trend in 2019 because these are great to make your website lively and attractive. Illustrations are very versatile to use for any type of business because all you need to create images and add a fun element to your site. If you have experienced artists in your organization then you can personalize illustration according to your brand’s tone. Custom illustrations are so effective to create your brand identity in a fun and energetic way while grabbing the attention of your potential customer.

9. UI vs. UX

To stay a step ahead of your competitor, it is important to make your website design outstanding. UI stands for Users Interface that is just envisioned to attain user’s visual requirements and provide them with the high level of usability. If you will use UI properly then it will improve mood, increase trustability and facilitates the use. And, we know all marketers want to make a good impression without losing the visitor’s interest. Hence, it is very important to make every user’s experience great by making them feel like the website you have designed is especially for them.

To embrace the new UI trend, you have to understand the latest UI design trends of 2019. So, here are the top UI features you need to focus –

• Full-screen background image – By using full-screen image background, you can easily grab visitor’s attention. It will not just make your website visually appealing but also make it informative for the audience.

• Several interactive layers – Another new UI trend is to create multiple layers in your webpage to make it more interesting and engaging. Likewise, many marketers are also trying to adopt animated concept by adding two layers of the copy that moves instantaneously when the slides change.

• Buttonless UI – Although buttons are the most important feature of UI design but, be ready to witness a creative experiment in the perspective of UI interfaces without buttons. This will save the space in your mobile screen where you can add small information about the brand or data based on gestures.

• Split screen – the Split screen is going to be one of the hottest UI design trends in 2019 because it is going to be easily accessible in both mobile site and website. One can use this split screen approach for the entry page by separating the readable text part from striking photo content. Apply boxes or spaces using a light colour background for the main data blocks or add elegant contrast in the background to make more eye-catching.

UX is the abbreviation for “User Experience”, as it brings completely left brain component to the digital experience. It may include the design of apps or other software products of websites. The whole UX process starts with a vigorous research piece which results into an articulation of a particular, anticipated end state and customer drive to acquire. Moreover, UX design encompasses the growth of User Personas and a combined, iterative method to describe the story arc and the functionality required.

It is important to create clickable prototypes or simple static wireframes before the design is anticipated. Usability testing may happen constantly after the design has been applied and before the website or application launch.

10. Voice User Interface

Voice user interface (VUI) is going to be high in demand next year as it will allow people to control computer, mobile phone and other devices using voice input. This is something very innovative and it is already budding promptly because it is going to be the brain of millions of gadgets. And as we have seen that digital marketing is flourishing tremendously all over Northeast, India, it has become very essential to create websites with the latest technology available. Every marketer wants to make great engagement with their online customers and putting VUI on your website is going to be more interactive and useful. So, if you are trying to increase your sales or make more engagement, then it will definitely work for your business.


Hope, you liked these Web Design Ideas of 2019. So, get ready to make a new image of your brand through your website or mobile site by implementing these amazing web design ideas. But, remember don’t use everything written on the blog, choose the best one which you think you need for your business and will help you to reach out your goal. 

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