2020 is almost here now and it is time to analyze your digital marketing plans which you have implemented in 2019. Every year, we plan and try some new digital marketing strategies sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnot. Therefore, review your most successful digital marketing strategies and include those strategies in your digital marketing plans in 2020.

It is also important to look at the new marketing tools, technologies, and features that are available for next year. To make a brand successful digitally, you have to learn all the latest digital marketing tactics of 2020 and implement it correctly.

Let’s check out what you need to consider in your digital marketing plan in 2020 to make your business successful.

1. New content mediums

As we all know that content plays a major role in digital marketing, and without quality content your website is useless. Whether it’s your customer or researchers, everybody wants informative and good content; hence you must make sure that you have enough informative content on your website. And, to expand your customer reach through digital marketing in 2019, you have to try out different platforms. But, before doing it, thorough research on your target audience is required to find out on which platform they spend most of their time. So, here is a list of all new channels and platforms which you can try

Include any of these channels in your digital marketing strategy, which you think will work for your business growth to leverage over your competitors.

2. Manage your website properly

Every day millions of blog posts are created worldwide, but the basic of SEO is still important to gain the maximum no of clicks or visits. Proper keyword research, metadata, etc. are the baseline for high performing content. But when it comes to understanding the page authority and content relevancy, Google has to look at some other factors as well. Let’s check out what are those factors –

• Domain Authority – Calculate your website ranking in the search engine with a numerical value on a scale of 1 to 100.

• External Ranking Factors – Search engines ranking can’t depend on the signs that made by a company’s own website. Moreover, the number of shares, average customer reviews, the current number of ranked pages and external backlinks plays a major role in your page ranking.

• Internal Ranking Factors and Site Organization – Well, it is true that only well-organized website will rank on the top, therefore it important to understand the hierarchy of content uses also. For example – internal links, content pillars, and sitemap play essential roles in rising domain authority. 

3. Maintain a consistency in your content for your online audience

In 2019, you must focus on your content consistency because only high-quality content will help you to grab your audience attention. Nowadays, there are many personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more which has completely personalized the entire marketing experience. There are some new features like IGTV and Facebook Watch that you can use as your marketing tool as well. If you will focus on your consistency and quality of your content then it will be easy for you to target your audience. You can also keep your audience anticipated by creating an amazing weekly type of content.

4. Reduce friction in your marketing and sales process

You must be wondering now what is friction in digital marketing? Friction is when we create an obstacle in making customer’s decision to buy your product or service. No matter you are in which business, but what matters is have you optimized your website for smooth user experience and less friction. You must make your website frictionless by streamlining all your products and services buying process. To make your business successful in 2019, including these two in your marketing plan:

• Create a proper strategy to cut the friction in new and existing customers.

• Identify the friction in your past customers buying or your selling experience by doing intense research.

5. Keep transparency with your audience

The key to winning trust over your audience (clients or customers) is that put all your important information in your website. Few marketers don’t want to disclose their information online thinking that interested customer will find them anyway, but it is completely wrong. If you are not putting your pricing, details, process and other useful information on your website then your customer will move to your competitor’s website for sure.

By providing real pricing, reviews, customer’s photo and more, you can win your potential customers trust easily. So, ensure that your website has all significant information about your products and services.

6. Prioritize your customer’s reviews and feedbacks

If you are in an e-commerce business then customer’s reviews and feedbacks are very important to win confidence over your audience. Whether it is a positive or negative comment, just collect the data and use it in a positive way. Don’t ignore customer’s comment; always respond back in an affirmative way for their good or bad experience.

If you are not in an e-commerce business then you have to ask for the feedback because customers will not share their experience until you will ask for it. But, in 2020 prioritizing customer’s reviews and feedbacks will be something that you have to focus on. Do proper research and find the best feedback or review system for your company, industry, and market.

7. Increase your video marketing budget in 2019

If you really want to reach out your audience and tell your business story then there are no other media than videos. Yes, videos are the best marketing tactic to tell the story of your business as it helps to develop trust with your customer. Many marketers think that video is too huge and expensive to do marketing at a minimum budget, though it’s not like that. Even small duration video with strong message or story can connect to your audience without any big investment. All you need is the right internal process team and video creator to drive website visits, leads and customer’s engagement.

If you haven’t done video marketing this year then include this in your digital marketing plan for 2020. It is definitely going to work for your business, so it’s the right time to start video marketing by strategizing everything and more video like live video, webcam, and professionally made video.

8. Launch a growth driven website plan

To lead in the market in 2020, you have to redesign or keep your website updated with the latest features, web standards, search algorithms and more. Refresh your website look in a regular interval so that visitors will not get bored of same old website look. It is important to do a content audit of pages that are underperforming and keep updated with the latest UX or UI design to make it user-friendly. Growth-driven designs will surely going to make a positive change in all type of business and will work best for their audience as well.

So, what you need to add in your website plan in 2020?

• Evaluate your website against the best practices, industry standards, and competitors

• Detailed research growth-driven website design

• Find out in which area you need to update, refresh, or reorganization

• Do an audit of your website to identify and work on potential growth areas


These are the few things which you will need to consider in your digital marketing plan in 2020. Before you implement these tactics for your brand, we would suggest you make a documented strategy and do proper research on each tactic. Choose the right digital marketing tactic for your business that you think will help you to accomplish your goal.

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