As we all know that SEO stands for search engine optimization and it plays a major role in digital marketing. Without SEO, digital marketing is nothing because Google always search for fresh content and better user experience.

There is no doubt that SEO is a king but Google robot will not easily get impressed by your website until you will implement all SEO tactics properly. Therefore, it is vital to have a proper SEO strategy to run a website so that it will help to generate organic and qualified leads to your website. But before implementing your strategies, it is equally important to know what SEO is and how it works actually?

SEO is the process to optimize your website to rank on the top on Google search and increase website traffic. And for it, it is important to understand your target market and audience. It’s all about what SEO strategies you are implementing for your business and whether your website visibility will increase or not? You will find many SEO tactics but implementing all tactics together at a time will muddle your business. Therefore, we have picked up 5 proven SEO marketing strategies that really work for all business, so let’s find out what you are missing out in your SEO strategies?

1. Use of right keywords

Finding the right keyword and how you are using it is the most important factor in SEO. Searching right keywords and framing of these keywords in your web content will make your website ranking good. If you will use your keywords correctly then only people will be able to find your website through search engine. We have done all type of research on keywords and came up with some amazing keyword implementation tips. If you have missed out something then don’t worry, you can make it right by simply following these steps.

Do proper keyword research 

Stuffing of right keywords will only help your website to rank top on the search results. Therefore, it is important to use them correctly so that Google will understand what your content is about and will pick your website content first when someone is looking for related content. Moreover, targeting on your competitor’s keywords will also help your website to rank well and it will also refine your SEO strategy as well.

Understand keyword types:

Before you will start doing research, it is very important for you to understand how to categorize keywords. Keywords are classified into three categories – head, body and long tail keyword.

  • Head keywords are the primary keywords which have highest search volume and are usually of 1 -2 words.
  • Body keywords have good search volume not too high or low. These keywords are of 2-3 words which can be easily stuff and make sentence.
  • Long tail keywords consists of min. 3 or more words which has low search volume but it works great for the bulk website traffic.

Well, as per online viewer’s point of view it is proven that the more context you will add in your search content, you will get better search result.

Here, we have one perfect example for this point which we have tested with one of our highly celebrated clients. When we got the project, there was an issue in their website ranking and keywords were not stuffed properly. As, our client is into local products business, so we focused more on local searches and choose keywords (for eg. mekhela chadar) targeting local audience of the region. It was an experimental SEO trick but it worked magnificently for our client. The daily website traffic increased from 23 to 221, you can see the result clearly below.

Likewise, we did another experiment with a different client who is into bakery business. What we did was we just used the targeted keywords followed by “near me” (for eg. Birthday cakes near me). This SEO tactic increased our clients order from 96 per month to 220 per month that too in just 4 months. You can check out the graph below and see how their sells increased tremendously.

2. Keywords in URL

For better search result for your website, it is essential to have a well-structured SEO friendly URL. Now, you must be wondering what is SEO friendly URL? Well-structured SEO friendly URL is concise, precise and clean which provide better user experience, can be easily shared and optimized for search engines. If you have noticed top ranking websites in search results, their URLs are short and defined with the target keyword. But, before you will start creating a SEO friendly URL, one has to optimize keywords for the webpage, searchers and search engines. And to search the best keyword for your website URL, it has to be related to the topic or industry, highest search value and low completion in search.

 Yes, we agree that keyword in URL is really very important and we would like to share an amazing tip with you. If you haven’t purchased any domain for your business yet than try to buy used domain related to your industry because it already contains targeted keywords. Having URL with targeted keywords will increase your website ranking easily. We applied this tactic for our esteemed client who is into broadband business and their website ranking was very low. We tried this tactic for them and today our client ranked in 2nd position on search engine which you can see in the image below.

3. Directories submission

Yes, directories submission is one of the most beneficial tactics to increase your back links and your website visibility. Directories are a kind of website that stores all businesses information and you can find relevant websites listed. Through directories submissions, one can easily generate back links for their website. Basically, it is a process of listing or submitting of your website in a related sub-category of the dictionary. If you will do your directory submission safely than your website traffic will grow naturally.

Now as you have seen the image above, follow these steps to do safe directory submission:

  • 1. Place your target keyword in “title” field
  • 2. Next, submit your website description (min. 100 words)
  • 3. Submit the URL which needs to be posted with the keyword placed in “title” field and rank on the search result.
  • 4. Submit your business or communication email ID
  • 5. Provide site author name

6. RSS feed to keep track on other related websites.

Now as you know the entire process of directories submission, we would like to share one quick tip which will definitely impact your website ranking. In directories submission, it is very important to provide all factual and same information such as name, address, mobile number and so. Therefore, before submitting your business information just makes sure that your information is 100% correct. It will help Google to authenticate your business and yellow pages will enable your website to reach maximum audience.

4. Answer popular Quora Question in your Domain

Quora submission or blog commenting is a great tactic to increase your website traffic. By leaving an extra-ordinary comment on popular blogs, you can make huge traffic for your website. Make it your habit and keep commenting on all popular posts, if you are the first one commenting on the post than it is an added advantage for you. So, here are some more benefits of quora submission

  • Increase reader base – Through Quora submission, you will not just increase your traffic but also increase your reader’s base.
  • Build-up relationships By leaving a thoughtful comment on other’s blog post showing your knowledge, you will definitely grab a lot of attention and get new website visits as well.
  • Get quality backlinks Commenting on popular blog posts means you will also get quality backlinks. It is the best way to receive backlinks from different websites.
  • Boost your search engine ranking- Once, you will start getting backlinks means your website visibility is also increasing on search engine.
  • Get subscribers If the readers find your commenting very informative and unique, they will like to know more about your website. Hence, as a result it will grow your subscribers and you will get a wide list of email addresses with proper blog commenting.

Quora submission is one of the best SEO tactics that we have implemented for one of our prominent clients. Through quora submission, we have generated 3 times more traffic than Facebook in just 2 months. It was a successful experiment for us; we didn’t just increased website visitors but also got useful backlinks for their website. So, if you haven’t done Quora submission yet, then you must start doing it from now on.

5. Update your Content Periodically

Keyword optimization plays a vital role in SEO as it helps to rank your website on the top on search engine. If you will use right keyword and do proper keyword stuffing in your web content than it will automatically improve your position in the search result. By posting fresh and engaging content regularly, you will get chance to utilize organic keyword optimization and it will help to rank your website on the top. If you don’t know how to keep your website ranking on the top by regular content update then here are few tips which you can implement.

  • Think from audience point of view – While creating content for your website, it is important to understand your buyers or audience mindset. Your main focus should be on how to grab maximum viewers’ attention and get maximum clicks.
  • Publish new content on a regular basis – Creating and posting same type of content will lose your audience interests. Therefore, it is important to post different types of content written in different styles. Through brainstorming you will not just make unique content but you are also giving Google some fresh content which will help to boost your website ranking.
  • Use different types of format to make it different – It is one of the most effective tactics to keep your website updated regularly. Yes, just add some variation in your content format and it will naturally increase your website visibility. Simply, update your website by adding variants such as videos, long-form blogs, info graphics, webinars, testimonials/customer reviews and so on.

So, here is our SEO expert tip for effective content update through which you can effortlessly increase your website ranking. If you are struggling with your website ranking since long then it is the time to check your keywords whether it is present in your web content or not. If there is no related keywords and you haven’t updated your webpage content since very long time, than you must create a fresh content focusing on keywords. Make sure that your keywords density is not more than 2%.

One of our clients was also struggling a lot with their website ranking and when we did their website examination, we found that keywords were absent on their webpage. So, we searched all targeted keywords and updated their content by stuffing those keywords. After their content update, their website rank boosted from 3rd page to 1st page. As you can see in the image below, in just 1 month MAT coaching centre in Guwahati jumped from 3rd page to 1st page.

If you are also facing such ranking issues then you must check your webpage keywords now.


It is proven that by keeping your website updated, you will get higher engagement and your website will rank on the top search engine. Search engines are constantly looking for unique and fresh content, thus it is continuously scanning your site to index your web pages and images. Once, search engine will find your website has valuable content than your website will be displayed on the top search.

Therefore, keep these SEO strategies on your mind and try to implement it properly.

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