There is no doubt that digital marketing have shown us another aspect of advanced marketing without any huge investment. Some business has grown their business magnificently through digital marketing while some struggle a lot to grow. Don’t worry; if your digital marketing plans didn’t work last year because we have some latest digital marketing trends which will help you to shape up your business this year.

Digital marketing is a very complex term because sometimes your online marketing plans will work and sometimes it won’t. Hence, what is important in digital marketing is that keep experimenting with new marketing strategies. Whatever leads and customers you will attract would be the pillar of your business. And to become the most relevant choice of the customers, you need to build trust with your customer and make engagement with them. Therefore, let’s find out what are the most trending digital marketing strategies for this year.

1. Content marketing:

It is the most vital tool of digital marketing because through content marketing you can create value to your brand. Yes, relevant content post understanding the customer’s or audience psychology, you can draw maximum attention and engagement. The main use of content marketing is to do clear business by letting your customer know what your business is and what you want to sell. So, let’s discuss step by step how you can make a successful content marketing strategy:

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are another trending marketing strategy which helped many businesses to get more engagement than before. It is a computerised program which allows customers to chat in text or spoken language format. Chatbots are specially designed for customer’s enquiries, service related issues and engagement.

Nowadays, many businesses are using Chatbots as a tool for customer engagement and it is showing positive results for many businesses. If you haven’t used this marketing strategy yet then here are some tips on chatbots implementation.

3. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has become the future of digital marketing because it has already taken up the entire market with storm. It is the most demanded marketing strategy which helps to reach the targeted customer directly on mobile devices via SMS and MMS, email, social media and app notification. Mobile marketing just ease your marketing process, right from emailing to website visit, everything is accessible on your mobile phone.

We have picked up 4 easy steps that will help you in implementing your mobile marketing strategies. So, let’s find out what are they

4. Videos

Sharing video content on social media platform is the best marketing policy for every business. Video attracts customer’s attention instantly and according to recent survey; it is proven that video increases more customer engagement. People watch millions of videos online on Facebook and YouTube daily; hence it will be a good idea if you will focus more on video content. No matter whether it is a live video, YouTube video or just a video, what matters is that are you providing quality video contents for your customers or not? If you haven’t tried video marketing yet, don’t worry here are some video tactics for you:

5. Stories

Instagram stories, Facebook stories and Snapchat stories have become the most popular feature of social media marketing. By sharing stories of the best moments from a day would help you to create a FOMO for users who missed your stories. These stories are set for a specific time period and vanished automatically, once the time gets expired. So, be sure that you are practicing this story marketing strategy for your business this year.

There is no doubt that content marketing and storytelling goes hand in hand, but what will make your story more engaging? Here are few tips which will help you to build brand awareness through your stories.

These trending digital marketing strategies will definitely bring a twist in your business. All you need to implement it strategically.

Bonus points for all our readers:

It has been a quite long time now that we have been doing digital marketing for all types of business and did all possible experiments to grow traffic for our clients. Some of our experiments were fruitful and some were learning experience. But what we have learnt from these experiences is just keep trying and learn from your mistakes. So, here are some of the best experiences which we have implemented for our clients and it worked amazingly.

Facebook Live Videos:

As we have mentioned above, you can see clearly that how Facebook Live Videos have changed the whole scenario of digital marketing. Facebook will punish you with lower reach if your content doesn’t get much social engagements. But it will definitely reward you if you use the Facebook Live feature wisely. How do we know? Look at the stats of Facebook Live video below which we did for one of our renowned clients.

The video reached 6k people organically! Not a single buck was spent promoting it.
The average video watch time was 57 seconds. The other video posts showed an average watch time of 10-12 seconds.
The video got more than 1k organic engagements. More than a third of them were from shares. When was the last time you got so many engagements organically?

Now that you know why Facebook Live Videos are essential to you, here are some useful tips on utilizing Facebook Live video to its maximum potential:

  1. Announce that you’re going Live at least a week prior to the Live Event date.
  2. Be ready with all the stuff you need at least 30 minutes before going Live because nobody wants to keep their viewers waiting in the middle of the video.
  3. Be clear in your head about why you’re doing the video and what value it will bring to the viewer.
  4. Try answering all of the questions your viewers put to you. Use their first name before answering, so they also get to know whose query is being addressed.
  5. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get much viewers in the initial few minutes. Keep going with your story and the viewers will start to flock in within a few minutes. It took us 4 minutes to reach our peak number of viewers, but from there it was constant for the rest of the video.


Content marketing plays a major role in digital marketing and we are glad to share our one of the best experiences with you. So, it is about one of our celebrated clients who run a training institute for Aviation/Cabin Crew and Fashion Design. When we got the project, the brand was very new to the market and our aim was to build brand awareness. They were starting up with some new courses for Aviation and Cabin Crew, but we had just 4 months to work on it. Gaining a loyal fan base and building brand awareness was not easy for us. We took it up as a challenge and started working on our online marketing strategies as we have to inform about the courses benefits as well to the audience.

Therefore, we focused more on our objectives to build brand awareness and generate leads for course admissions. So, let’s find out what we did to meet our goals-

We started posting content pertaining to

  • Courses offered at the institute
  • Course Curriculum
  • Eligibility to join
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Demand in Aviation and Tourism market
  • Life of Cabin Crew/Fashion Designers
  • Promoted events (presence in EduFair, special benefits for students, etc.) on Social Media
  • Created Social Media Ads to reach and inform maximum number of people about the brand
  • Also, created Social Media Ads to generate Leads from prospective customers

It was a risk taking task, but we were confident and the outcome of our tremendous effort was unbelievable. Yes, in just 3 months we reached 200k+ people and grew online community by 5k+ people. Well, it was not the end; we also generated leads by 400+ within 4 months which was a fruitful result for their business.


Creating stories for our clients and using it as a content marketing strategy was a new thing for us. We didn’t know how to show some glimpse of your client’s work through stories feature. Hence, we decided to make stories on our client’s recent event which was held at a popular hotel in Guwahati. We used the most trending hash tags and stickers to make the story look more native to Instagram. Moreover, just to create more engagement we made these stories with an option to see more. And, it was a successful marketing strategy through which we gained maximum organic engagement on Instagram.

The question is what are the story tools which we have used for our client? Well, we have focused on only 3 tools-

  • Relevant hash tags
  • Stickers
  • Link to post


Hope, these trending digital marketing strategies will help you to make your business more profitable. Just focus on your brand and keep your strategies clear, so that your customers can connect with your brand easily.

If we have missed out something and you want to share with us, please comment below.

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