Social media marketing strategies are on the rise with the growing social media users everywhere. No matter how many different marketing strategies you have tried till now, but you are still failing to gain the maximum traffic and attention. In social media marketing, small mistakes are even expected from experts; therefore it is important to check what the most common mistakes of social media are and how you can avoid these mistakes?

1. Posting too often or too infrequently

Whether it is a personal account or business account, whenever we see posts from the same person again and again too frequently, we gets irritated. Frequent posting could annoy your audience or followers and very irregular posting will lead to fall in your reach. Therefore, set your post frequency and do your posting in a timely basis.

2. Isolating social media marketing

Social media is the only marketing platform where you can do brand awareness by connecting with mass audience. Many social media experts make such mistake by overlooking their social media campaigns while experimenting with other marketing strategies. Through this, you will not just fail in meeting your reach but also lessen the impact on the targeted audience. However, if you will run good campaigns in various social media platforms then it will make a good impact on your audience. Always maintain a content calendar to keep an overview of your monthly activity and Google Calendar is very helpful for it.

3. Too much promotional content

Posting regular promotional content for your business could be a huge drawback. Yes, if you don’t want to reduce your followers and their interest then make sure that you are balancing your promotional content and non-promotional content equally. On the other hand, you will have to give enough visibility to your products and services.

4. Ignoring negative feedbacks

When you are in a social media platform then it is obvious that you will get both positive and negative feedback. In social media, it is really hard to control the discussion about your business. And what matters the most is how you are responding negative comments or feedbacks. Some brands choose to ignore by deleting all negative feedback but it is not going to work. There are some very useful social media monitoring tool to detect all negative comments and respond them in the most positive way. In social media platform, there are some brands who respond their negative feedbacks in such a way that they gained great brand visibility.

5. Measuring results by vanity metrics

It is very important to measure your social media marketing results, because it can give you an evaluation of performance and ROI. If you will not check your monthly results then it will be really hard to decide whether you should stick to that certain marketing plan or not. Though, it is very important for every business to make sure that numbers are actually illustrative of your social media strategies while using measuring metrics. And, to measure your conversions simply use the combination of both custom URLs and Google Analytics with your social media analytics tools.

All marketers want to invest in social media because it is the best way to get fastest and effective benefits. If you will use the right social media tools and strategies, then you can grow your business spontaneously. Just make sure that you are not making these mistakes in your social media marketing.

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