2019 is going to be a fruitful year for the newbie bloggers for sure. So, if you are struggling to increase your website traffic through blog posting but doesn’t know why your blog does not get website traffic every time. Don’t worry, we understand how frustrating it is when you have hosted a blog following proper blogging strategies to gain readership but in reality, no one wants to read your blog. To attract the reader’s attention and build more audience base, you better know what is interesting and useful for your audience. Will your blog post entice your audience to read more?

These are the most vital things which you need to stress on before creating your blog. We know it is not easy to get instant traffic but if you create an informative content than it will definitely leave a good impression on your audience and you will build a strong audience base. So, if you will do your blogging in a right way then it will definitely increase the volume of indexed pages and keyword usage on your website

We have picked up top 5 proven strategies which actually work to increase website traffic. Let’s find out, what you have missed out on your blog posting

1. Optimize your website traffic

Before you will start creating content for your blog post, it is important to know your current website stats. If you won’t focus on it from the initial period how you can evaluate whether your blog posts are making any improvement in your website traffic or not? Google Analytics is the best website optimization tool to keep a track on each of your website activity. If you haven’t used it yet, then you must start using it

So, what are the key points which you need to take a note on?

  • Page views
  • Unique visitors (users)
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average time on site (Avg. session duration)
  • Pages per visit (Pages/Session)
  • Traffic sources (direct/search/referral)
  • Exit pages

Another important point which you need to focus on is to keep checking your website traffic. Until you measure your website stats, how you are going to manage it? Therefore, keep a glance over your new traffic strategies and know how they are performing for your business. So, keep a check on your website traffic a few times a week and track down all the good stuff to increase your website traffic

Don’t waste your time on trying different strategies, simply create a good content marketing strategy and see how your business will grow in a short span of time. It is proven that around 60% of business is successful with documented content marketing strategy, 32% of business with verbal content marketing and merely 7% of business without any strategies.

And to make an effective content marketing strategy, you need to keep these few things on your mind –

  • Primary goal
  • Define your audience
  • Plan wisely so that you can put value on your business
  • Post frequency
  • Unique or eye-catchy content

2. Create an attractive headline and determine the most searched keywords

It is not easy to entice the online audience to read your blog post, but you can do it if you have an eye-catchy headline. Yes, great headlines are important to grow your readers and grab maximum reader’s attention. Your headline or title will help readers whether to click on your blog post or not. Therefore, always remember to optimize your headline for social and search traffic.

To create the perfect headline for your blog, you have to add the right keywords, right length, and attractive headline. Google keyword planner is the best tool to search for keywords.

To increase your website traffic and website ranking, it is essential to create a blog that contains the right density of keywords. Your website’s visibility completely depends on the keywords you have been using and the accuracy of the main keyword in your content.

3. Do content outreach and guest posting

Now get your content in front of your audience or users by republishing your old content on large publications. Yes, it is the best way to reach your targeted audience because you don’t have to spend hours and hours to create a fresh content. Moreover, you can also get the link juice from large publications with high rankings. If you haven’t done it yet, then here is the process of republishing old content.

Find large publication associated to your industry

In large publications, there is a constant need of different types of content. Look for industry related large publication to republish your content and if they will allow you to republish your content than it is a good shot for you, don’t let it go from your hand. Just make sure that you have a good content and relevant content to contribute to the large publications.

Pitch the publication in a right way

Pitching for your content to get published is one of the key steps to make your content more visible. You have to be very cautious before pitching and it is important to submit an original piece of content from your site. Keep your motives clear and try to connect with all influencers through your piece of content. Hence, grow your network easily by pitching rightly –

  • Create a strong subject line
  • Pitch the right editor
  • Give reference to a personal connection
  • Explain how your content will add value to them
  • Link to the content

Prepare your content

So, your republishing pitch got accepted by publishers but what’s next? Don’t rush into the process; just prepare the best content which needed to be published.

  • Review the content and go through the site’s publishing guidelines precisely.
  • Add minimum 3-4 backlinks to your post with a bio link to a link magnet.
  • Change a slight change in your headline, so that Google won’t get confused while ranking the post.

4. Go visual and publish on a regular basis

It is proven that visual content entice more audience and there are plenty of statistics which shows that visual content get more shares, likes, and traffic. For every blog, it is very significant to make it informative as well as attractive by using the right amount of images, GIF or videos. So, here are a few tips which you can implement in your next blog post.

  • Use unique or attractive images.
  • Create infographics
  • Use data or statics to show factual examples
  • Embedded video
  • Add unique graphic
  • Include meme or animated images
  • Add a screenshot

5. Make the right use of social media

Social media is another very important key to grow your website traffic, but ensure that you are using it in the right way. So, how you are going to make it sure whether you are using it correctly or not? Here are some helpful tips which will definitely help you to share your content –

Optimize for each platform – In every social media platform, your post will be displayed differently. Therefore, it is important to optimize your post and make it eye-catching, so that it will be more shareable. Create posts using high-quality images with quality description and captivating link description below the image. Do as much research you can for each social media platform and learn how to optimize your every post to get maximum engagement, shares, and traffic.

  • Plan a sharing schedule – It is also important to follow a posting schedule, don’t be unorganized. How often you are posting and at what time you are posting is very significant for every business. And, here the sharing schedule comes on play to grow your traffic and increase more engagement.
  • Don’t make it spammy Another important factor to keep on mind is that don’t be spammy. It happens sometimes when your post doesn’t go well but it doesn’t mean that you will keep posting the same content over and over again in the same way. Whenever you think you need to repost that piece of content, share your blog post and video by adding other influencer’s content as well.
  • Add sharing buttons – You have created a great content and posted on all social media platforms, but what will be the use if there are no sharing buttons to your post. When a reader likes a post and finds it helpful for others as well then they tend to share the post with everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to add sharing buttons to your content; moreover, it is beneficial for your business as well. The more your post will be shared; your brand or company name will be endorsed.


So, these are the top proven strategies that actually work to increase website traffic. Hope you liked our post and will be helpful to grow your website traffic. Start following these tactics and we guarantee that your website will go to the next level.

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