2019 is almost here and you must be wondering how to increase your Instagram followers while increasing the brand engagement rate. We know it is not that easy to get the loyal audience and grow the engagement on Instagram for new business as the audience doesn’t know about your brand but you have to build the trust in them.

Instagram is a great social media platform for new brands to gain huge exposure. And, the most common question that every marketer has in their mind is “How to increase followers on Instagram?” It is exciting to imagine 10K+ Instagram followers; however, the truth is to get your first 10,000 followers is not really simple. Being a new brand to the audience, you have to prove yourself as a powerful brand and influencer as well.

Therefore, just to help you to increase up to 10K Instagram followers we have a special guide for you all.

1. Identify your audience first

Before going through the whole process, the first thing you need to do is identify your audience and implement it accordingly. Just ask these questions to yourself and write them down in a document.

  • What is the age-group of your audience?
  • What is the target gender (male or female) or is it nonspecific to target both?
  • What is their lifestyle like and what’s their interest?
  • Who are 8 to 10 brands that interact with a similar audience?
  • Is your audience-centric to a certain location?

Once, you will get an answer to all these questions you will be able to figure out what kind of content you should create, the language you should use and how often you should post.

2. Join Instagram engagement groups

It is one of the most effective ways to increase loyal Instagram followers for beginners. Search for the Instagram engagement groups of your niche and join groups having maximum followers. Yes, by doing so you can increase your followers faster as you will find people sharing the same interest and it will be easy for you to gain their trust.

Once you will gain their trust, you can return the favor back by following their Instagram account. This strategy is really effective because there are many people who have tried it and gained 2000 new followers in just a few weeks.

Note – It will not help you to increase your sales, but it will definitely increase your Instagram account credibility.

3. Identify your hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to reach your target audience and get followers. It might not so useful for many platforms and could look annoying also, but believe us it is the most important rule to follow on Instagram.

You will find both good hashtags and bad hashtags on Instagram that completely depends on you what type of hashtags you will be using. For example, likes4likes is considered as bad hashtags because generally, people use this hashtag to get likes and give likes. By using such hashtags, you will be attracting the wrong audience only.

Whereas, good hashtags classifies the qualities of your business and product through which you can relate to your audience.

  Hashtags Tips for beginners –

  1. Hashtags for your brand – Create hashtags using your brand name with the product you are selling.
  2. Hashtags for your posts – To use appropriate hashtags for your post, try to describe your post with hashtags. Suppose you have clothing brand and you are posting a dress with floral prints on it, use hashtags such as #dressesforwomen or #floraldresses.
  3. The hashtag for your location – If your business is particular for a city then you can add your location to your hashtag as well. By adding a location to your hashtag, you can filter your target audience and your target audience can reach you easily.
  4. Use your own hashtag tagline – Create own hashtag tagline for your brand and use it on other channels and for email communication also. Once your hashtags gain recognition, your brand will get visibility automatically. For example, Coca-Cola’s most famous tagline “Open Happiness”, try to create such unique yet simple tagline.

 To discover relevant and good hashtags, you can use hashtag tools such as Top Hashtags and Tailwind.

 4. Repost other’s content

Reposting others content is one of the best strategies to build a new Instagram account. Just keep on your mind that while reposting others’ content give credit to the original poster in your description every time. Instagram has now updated their privacy policy; therefore, you have to take permission before posting on your Instagram account.

The repost app is the best app to repost videos and images on Instagram. When you will repost a video that has above 50,000 views, 1500+ comments and 1000+ likes, it will be the biggest run for your account.

You might be thinking now, why you should repost someone else post in your account. Well, by reposting other’s content your account’s visual and video content would look good because being new to Instagram your account might look boring to the audience.

To browse the best content for a repost, use popular hashtags and look for posts that have the highest reactions. If you really want to grow your Instagram followers then it is the best way to get followers for beginners.

5. Promote with the brands or companies who have the same audience

Working in collaboration with a famous influencer having the same audience is a key to increase Instagram followers instantly. Everyone is trying hard to stay ahead in the market and it is the best way to get audience attention while growing business together. Pitch for collaboration to an influencer and do cross-posting by promoting their business in your account and they will promote yours in their Instagram account.

6. Run an Instagram contest

Contests always excite the audience and by creating a fun contest, you will give the audience an opportunity to engage and can build excitement to win goodies. There are few things to keep on mind while creating a contest, so let’s check out what are they –

  • Define your start and end date for the contest.
  • Make it simple, so that your audience can understand easily and participate without any second thought.
  • Ask people to do something simple which will preferably make them look good.
  • Keep the winning prize clear to the audience.
  • To make it viral, ask the audience to comment or tag a friend on the comment to participate in the contest.

7. Host giveaways or free goods

Promoting free goods is one of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram for product selling companies. You will find hundreds of competitors in your niche and to outshine amongst them, you have to garner trust from your audience. To host a giveaway successfully, you need to identify influencers of mid-level who are easily available and open to working in partnership.

Give them free goodies to endorse your product and let them talk about your brand. By hosting giveaways with influencers, you can reach your potential audience directly and will have higher chances of turning them into loyal Instagram followers.


We hope you have got a better idea about Instagram now to increase your followers organically in 2019. The only thing you have to do is keep patience since you are going to be new to Instagram, and it will take some time to get visibility on Instagram.

Instagram is a serious business and you have to keep a record of your business profile performance every month. You can use analytical tools like Iconosquare that will give an insight into Instagram performance. If you don’t find the numbers growing then be patient and keep a count on your numbers.

Don’t forget to schedule the days on which you will be posting on Instagram and maintain that consistency throughout to get the positive result. So, follow these steps and get up to 10,000 followers in 2019.

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