If you have not done Facebook marketing yet then you must start investing on Facebook in 2019 because we have some amazing marketing tips for the beginners. In 2019 Facebook marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies all over the world.

As per the recent survey, above 460 million online users are found in India and it is proven that around 79% of adults are Facebook users. Thus, Facebook marketing is the best route for building brand awareness. But to make it effective, one must know the marketing strategies properly before you get started with it. Therefore, we have picked up a few amazing Facebook marketing tips for the beginners that will definitely help you to grow your business in 2019.

1. Set up your Facebook Page correctly

So, you have decided to get started with your Facebook marketing but, to get started with it you must set your goal first, understand your target audience and make strategies accordingly. Once you have nailed it, create your Facebook official business page correctly. Your Facebook page will be your online identity because you are going to post your content and engage with your followers. The best thing about creating a Facebook page is that it doesn’t cost anything. If you are on a limited budget then it a great platform to reach a mass audience and endorse your brand.

Quick tips for setting up a perfect Facebook page in 2019:

  1. Make sure that you are using the right template for your Facebook page and to make a perfect page, just go to the Settings>Edit Page> Page template.Always use high-resolution images for posts, profile and cover pictures. Your both profile and cover picture will be your brand representation, hence make sure that your profile pictures are representing your brand.
  2. Add a call-to-action button such as Book Now, Call Now, Subscribe Now or Contact Us on your profile. So, that interested customer can directly get in touch with you.
  3. Create a well-written bio for About section with all key information about your business and make sure that it is not too lengthy.
  4. Pinned posts would be the best for selling products, promotional deal and the most popular post to update. Your pinned posts will be the first thing your audience will see on their feeds, so make use of it.

2. Create perfect posts

What does a perfect post mean? Perfect posts are the posts which make a mass engagement with the audience. This tip might sound so basic but it is the most important step to rule Facebook marketing by gaining more clicks, likes, and shares. Yes, for a perfect Facebook post you have to write an engaging content-

  • Posts need to be brief, interesting and useful, so that audience will find it helpful and you will get more re-shares.
  • By adding a link to your post, you are giving your audience a chance to know more about the post.
  • Put an image or video in your post, so that you can instantly grab your audience attention. Moreover, it is proven that posts with images or videos are more likely to get likes and shares.
  • Be scheduled regularly, so that you can put your posts constantly without any delay.
  • Be relevant to current events and happenings

3. Create a Facebook Group

Once, you will create your Facebook page, you have to start building up a relationship with the audience by adding Facebook Group to your marketing plan. In Facebook Group, you will find an audience in a large number with like-minded users who get together to share ideas and information in an online community environment.

By creating your own Facebook Group, you will gather all your followers in one place and give them the freedom to interact with each other. Follow your group activities, so that they can talk about your business and their experience. It is the best way to know what your customers want and think about your business.

4. Utilize your Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo plays a major role in attracting your potential customers. Update your cover photo regularly with the latest promotion, sales or seasonal content to get their attention straight away. To maintain your cover photo, you can use an app like Canva for easy maintenance.

5. Speed up your response time

To grow your audience engagement, Facebook instant replies are the next best thing which you can’t underestimate. There are so many online customers and clients for your business who wants to communicate with you online. Many big brands have opted Facebook as the medium of communication because many customers find it a long process to send email to the customer support. Therefore, keeping a track on Facebook comment is the best way to make engagement with your audience.

Here is a guide for instant Facebook replies set up-

6. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the best marketing strategy for any type of business because it will directly grab the eyeballs of your potential customers. Just like any other advertisement, you are going to pay for your Facebook ads to share with a specific and targeted audience. Through Facebook ads, you can easily achieve your conversion rate in 2019 when your targeted audience will see your post ads organically. If you don’t know about Facebook Ads then here are some quick briefs about different types of Facebook ads which you can try in 2019.

Link Click Ads: This ad is great to endorse your external website and send people to your landing page. You can use it with many placements as Link Click Ads will help you to fetch the same ad across different news feeds while reaching a mass audience. By doing Link Click Ads, you will get an additional benefit of generating likes for your page.

Video Ads: It is another form of the Link Click Ads as it will be featuring a video instead of a still image. Facebook video ads are considered as the best ads forms because a maximum number of people watch videos on Facebook nowadays.

Boosted Page Posts: Whenever you post something on the Facebook page, Facebook gives you a chance to boost your post to reach your target audience. The moment you will click on the “Boost Post” button, you can set up your target audience and bidding methods.

Carousal Ads: Carousal ads are very helpful for e-commerce advertisers as it lets you show up to 10 images or videos, headlines, and links, or Call-to-action in a single ad unit. So, if you want to promote different products or services in just one Facebook Ad then, carousal ads are perfect for you.

Dynamic Product Ads: This ad is specially designed to target audience based on their past actions. Dynamic product ads are more like re-marketing display ads on steroids. Just upload your product catalog to Facebook and check whether your Facebook pixel is installed correctly.

Facebook Lead Ads: This lead ad is just perfect to get new leads because it allows the user to download your content or sign up for your offer. Through Facebook lead ads, you can easily get your potential customer email address.

Canvas Ads: Canvas ads are also one of the best forms of Facebook ads to interact with a mass audience. It lets Facebook users engage with your posts by swiping through the carousel images and it loads 10 times faster than a standard mobile web application.

YouTube video link for Canvas Ad example: 

Collection Ads: Facebook collection ads will let you showcase multiple products/services from your website. It is going to be the most innovative Facebook ad for 2019 because it will make people easier to browse products and shop in an immersive way.

7. Tell a story

No matter whether it is your Facebook Ad campaign or just a video post, by telling a story you can grab maximum attention and strong connection with your audience. Now you must be wondering how you will tell a story on Facebook, it might be new for you but don’t worry. You can create a teaser ad for your new product launch or website launch by outlining or narrating a story that is important for your brand.

8. Stick with 80:20 rules

Well, it is not a new rule but there are many people who may not be aware of 80:20 rule and how to achieve it. If you are using it for your business purpose then this rule applies to all social media platforms. 80:20 rule means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from your 20 percent of inputs. Still not clear with the rule? Just check out the ratio which we have been applied to many stations –

  • 80% of sales come from 20% of clients
  • The hardest 20% of software coding takes 80% of the time
  • 20% of employees to 80% of the work
  • 20% of the most reported software bugs cause 80% of software crashes

In the case of Facebook marketing also, the best ratio for engaging and shared content VS sales-led messaging and content is 80/20. Hence, all you need to focus on 20% of your business social media posts on selling products or promoting your brand. Moreover, you should focus on resonating with your followers in different ways by occasional ‘salesy’ post. As we all know that social media is social and your main aim should be to “Entertain, Inform and Educate” the online audience.

So, don’t push your audience by posting too much sales posts or messages, because it will put your followers off.

9. Track, Measure and Refine

There is no doubt that social media has already changed the traditional way of advertising and it is the fastest way to reach a mass audience. Social media enables you to track your ad performance from the moment you set the campaign live in real time. Many marketers set their campaign live and then come back to check their performance once it is ended which is not right. By doing this, you might miss out massive opportunities to enhance the performance of each Facebook ad.

But, if you will monitor your Facebook ad campaigns in real time, it will allow you to make adjustments seemly. To check your ad performance, you can view your Facebook ad performance data in the Facebook Ads Manager.


Facebook marketing has already become a great value to thousands of marketers across the world and we hope these Facebook marketing tips for 2019 will help you to make the most of your marketing budget. Just follow these tips and grow your business to the next level through Facebook.

If you have any question or want to share your views on Facebook marketing, please comment below.

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