Our tips and advice on blogging for bloggers in 2019 will surely help you if you are a new blogger or planning to start a new blog or currently owning a new blog for your business. Getting started with blog posts is a smart move, but to make it successful you have to work on strategizing it properly.

Every day more than 2 million blogs are written all over the world, and 47% of buyers read 3-5 blog posts before making any purchase or deal. These stats have shown us clearly that blogging is the most effective way to increase traffic to any website and convert the visitors into leads.

But to stand out and rank on the top on Google search, you must understand and maintain the accuracy of your blog content. Do you know why most of the bloggers fail to get traffic?

Most common reasons why new bloggers fail?

• Wrong blogging mindset

• Wrong content strategy

• Wrong promotion strategy or bad execution

• Wrong SEO strategy

• Lacking in other blogging sections such as email marketing or monetization

In this article, we are going to share some amazing blogging tips for 2019 because we don’t want you to make any blogging mistakes in 2019 and ruin all your efforts. But before you start your blogging just keep on your mind that blogging takes time to get results. You will not get thousands of readers on your blog in just one day; it would take at least six months to get traffic to your blog.

So, let’s find out what you can do with your blog in 2019 –

1. Get inspired but don’t copy other’s content

There are many new bloggers who want to earn money instantly but they are not aware of the term plagiarism and copyright content. They just start writing on a topic and after 2-3 paragraphs they run out of content. And to complete the blog, they copy the content from other’s blog and paste it on their content which is completely wrong. By doing so, you will not just lose your website authenticity but also SEO strategies.

Especially in 2019 copying content from others is a big offense for Google and other search engines; you might end everything before starting your blog. Website with copied content will either get penalized or it will never get higher rank in any search engine.

Well, you can copy a few lines from others by acknowledging them smartly in your content. To acknowledge others content use terms as – “according to” and “the source from” for the website from where you are copying the content. You can get inspired by others but it doesn’t mean that you can copy the whole content, just take the idea and write it in your own genre.  

2. Always be yourself while writing

Blog writing is not an easy job because you can’t just write it down whatever comes on your mind. Especially in 2019 you must know how to execute your words to hold the reader’s attention till the end. And, to create a unique blog content, you have to be original first and don’t try to copy other’s writing style. As copying others writing style will not help you to connect with your readers, they will find your content fake.

Don’t forget that you are building your brand name through your blog only and it needs to be original. Therefore, always maintain a conversational writing style as you talk and want to tell the readers.

3. Be interesting to make engagement

No matter how good content you have been writing and how valuable content you have been providing to your readers, but still you are not getting enough traffic for your website. Well, never forget that there are millions of choices for your readers and if you want your readers to visit your blog often then you must connect to your readers by making it interesting.

Nobody wants to read boring content, so be careful about the topic you have chosen and make sure that it will be enticing and useful for the readers. Try to use “you” and “me” in your articles to build a connection with the readers and keep your writing simple. To make your content more interesting do thorough research and provide data as much you can. By providing data, you would gain the trust of your readers.

Moreover, sharing your own experience and case studies related to the topic can make your content more interesting.

4. Use on-page SEO while writing an article

On-page SEO is very important for blogging as it plays a major role to rank your website on the top and it is also known as SEO article. To rank your website on the top, you must create SEO friendly article or blog only. When you create keyword rich content for your website then you are doing on-page SEO.

To do on-page SEO successfully, you must use the right keywords which have the highest search volume and low competition. Hence, you need to focus on your chosen keywords and place them perfectly in your content so that it will help your blog to rank #1 in Google in 2019. One of the most important practices of on-page SEO for 2019 is that include your focused or main keyword on your article or blog heading to rank on the top of all search engines.

Long tail keywords are also great for quick SEO results because these are long search queries and are profitable to target a mass audience. These keywords have low competition and if you will use it properly, it can be beneficial for you to target several small keywords together although targeting long tail keyword. Therefore, try to use long tail keywords as much you can in your content.

5. Write in simple language with no grammatical or spelling mistake

Many bloggers think that writing content with heavy or fancy words and proverbs in the article will make their blog look like written by a professional writer. Well, it is not true because complex sentences make the article less understandable by non-native English speakers. The simple English language is the best to hold the reader’s interest till the end because they will understand fast whatever you want to say. If your reader is taking 1 minute to read a sentence and another 2 minutes to understand what you have written then they would prefer to switch to another website.

Correct grammar and spelling play a major role in your content because through your writing style only your reader will visit your website again. The grammar and spelling mistakes would leave a very bad impression and they could think you as an amateur writer. So, avoid grammatical and spelling errors while writing and if you are not sure then you can use grammar checker tools like Grammarly for error-free writing.

6. Write in-depth long content

Long in-depth content is beneficial for both SEO ranking and grabbing reader’s interest as well. Through SEO perspective, it is considered that above 2000 words content has higher chances to rank on the top on Google search. Whereas on the other hand, long in-depth content gives the audience a more clear understanding and information. The audience would feel more connected with your blog while reading and it will give you a chance to convert those readers into your customer.

And, it is also true that Google doesn’t appreciate short content anymore because in-depth long content gives every detail to the readers and it won’t let readers look for other information. Hence, write in-depth long content as much you can and take the advantage of it.

7. Use relevant images

Blogs without images look very boring and lose reader’s interest, no matter how informative your blog is. As per the recent survey, it has been considered that blog with images have 94% more total views and attracts reader’s attention instantly. No matter what type of image you are using, but images always entice people and develop an interest to read more.

By adding images to your blog, it will become easy for the readers to understand and memorize the concept. Don’t use irrelevant images, find relevant images and use at least 4-5 images in 1000 words blog.


Around 53% of marketers in India believe that blogging is the most effective way to increase the website traffic. Therefore, blogging has become the top inbound marketing priority as it doesn’t need huge investment and help you to increase your website traffic.

Always follow a proper blog structure with relevant data and images to make it interesting for the readers. Don’t forget that you are writing for your readers, so focus more on what your audience wants to read and what you want to tell them through your blog.

Hope, this article will help you to grow your website traffic in 2019 through blogging. Just keep these beginners blogging tips for 2019 on your mind and implement it precisely while writing.

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