Whether you have a small or big business, social media has the great power to help you build a strong connection with your prospects. Everyone is using social media as a great marketing tool and it is giving the real world result to all. Social media not only help you to build a strong relationship with your customers and clients but also give the power to grow your brand. Through social media, you can understand your customer’s needs and will get more business on your table. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to start social media marketing? Then, don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

Before you will start your social media marketing, just set your main goal and try to grow awareness of your products and services. So, here are the top 7 tips that you can follow while planning your social media marketing strategies and keep a checklist on.

1. Set your social media marketing goals

 Before starting anything, it is really important to understand what you want from it. Therefore, setting up your goal is one of the most vital parts of social media marketing strategies. Moreover, try to choose a social media platform which can be beneficial for your brand. Don’t complicate your marketing by targeting too many platforms and objectives.

Here are some common social media goals which you need to consider this year –

2. Research your audience

To make a successful social media strategy, you have to know about your targeted audience well. As per the record, it is proven that around 79% of adult use Facebook, therefore it is vital to know who will be your audience. Another important factor is that are you getting a positive response from your audience or customers? First, you need to take a look into your brand demographics of your most valuable social channels and have a goal in your mind to create social media strategy.

Just to help you find the real demographic data of all major networks, here is the infographic below.

The above infographic has given you the insight of social media users, so now you know who your customers are and whom to target.

It is proven that your promotion will perform differently for different age groups and genders. We did an ad campaign for admission to cabin crew training which performed really well with women between the age group of 18-24 years.

Likewise, we have also performed another ad for one of our celebrated clients that were for enquiring the availability of luxury cars and it did well for men between the age group of 35-44 years.

3. Set social media metrics for your brand

To do social media marketing is not an easy task for everyone but to learn from your online marketing, it is very significant to set metrics for your every social media move. Evaluate your overall social media performance regularly to check whether your campaign is reaching your audience or not? The most important factors to look after are – is your content are likable and engaging mass audience? As we all know that through social media only you can build a long lasting relationship with your audience. So, here are 6 best metrics which you can use this year –

4. Know your social competitors

One of the smartest moves to take your business to the top keeps a track of your competitors. Before creating your content, always investigate your competitors so that you can find some new ways to make your business more successful. Don’t try to steal their ideas, just learn and make a new way to grow your business.

The best way to look up for your competitors is to do Google search using the most valuable keywords, industry terms, and phrases. By doing so, you will know who is showing up in the first place and you can visit their website directly to get a better insight of their website. Through your competitor’s analysis, you will get a better idea of your customers’ interest and what they are looking for.

5. Create engaging social media content

 Before creating content for your website, it is important to create content that will fit your brand’s identity. Therefore, it is important to check all demographics and plan your content strategy accordingly.

To create great content, you have to balance between your target content and excessively promotional content. As per the recent survey, it has been proved that overly promotional content makes users jaded and they unfollow brand who shares too much promotional or irrelevant content. Hence, as we have said above, it is very important to know your targeted audience interest to grab maximum attention.

• Video content or busts – Video content is one of the best social media marketing features and it is 100% advantageous for all business type. 90% of online shoppers prefer to shop for products with video content as it helps them to make the purchasing decision easier. Moreover, Instagram stories, Facebook live video, and other videos are also great to reach a mass audience directly while doing brand awareness.

• Attractive content theme – Another toughest challenge of every marketer is to create attractive visual content for their audience. Through visual content only, you can grab the maximum customer’s interest and make it eye-catchy your content has to be unique and colorful.

6. Make engagement with your audience as much as you can

 What is your motive behind social media marketing? You want to reach more audience and get more customers’ engagement right? Therefore, focus more on the quality of your content. Yes, if you want to receive more engagement than you have to do brand awareness in a proper way. Through social media marketing only you can make your social presence and gain more respect as a brand.

Another important thing to keep on mind is that post at the right time. Set your content posting time, so that you can interact with your audience. There is no point of posting without any customer concern or engagement. Preferred social media posting time is late in the evening and the brand should respond back to their customer within four hours.

7. Track your effort

 No matter what you have done or did in your social media marketing, without analyzing your efforts you will never know what worked or what didn’t work for your brand. Whenever you do any experiment with your social media strategy or campaign, just keep a track on your every effort. By tracking all your efforts, you will get a better insight into your business and it will help you to put things into perspective.

Many marketers think that after setting their goals, metrics and network preferences, they are on the right track. But it is not actually true; making the right decision on social media is a very difficult task. Therefore, use a tool like Google Analytics to track your business success. This performance tracking tool is very helpful to check which post increased your traffic, conversion and overall revenue.


If you are struggling with your social media marketing strategies then these are the few things which need to do check. Keep a checklist while planning your marketing strategy and implement everything accordingly.

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