Your website plays a major role in your business because better the user experience, your leads, and sales will increase automatically. It’s your website through which you can reach a mass audience, promote your products or services, generate leads and build client relationships. Therefore, it is important to make a website from customer’s perspective that runs fast and is user-friendly.

And to make a good website for your business, you need to make sure few things – Is your website running smoothly? How’s your website visitors experience? No matter, whether they visited using a desktop or any other handheld devices. It is essential to evaluate your website’s usability and performance.

We know building a good website is a big challenge for every marketer but the real challenge is how you are going to make it usable for your visitors. Never give priority to website creativity, always focus on the user’s usability.

So, let’s find out what are the most common web design mistakes that most marketers make and you can avoid.

1. Lack of clear call to action

Well, we all have heard about a call to action but what is a call to action? The call to action refers to a piece of content intended to encourage the users to do a specific task. It may be signing up for the newsletter, purchasing of a product or clicking through to a landing page.

Let’s learn how to make a clear call to action for your website –

• Focus on one goal – Yes, it is very important to set one primary goal for your call to action, whether it is for brand awareness or you want to sell your product. Just make your goal clear, so that your call to action will reflect it directly.

• Use action words – In a call to action, uses of action words are very important because it motivates the readers to take an action. If your CTA is for brand awareness than use words like “Learn more” or “Discover now” and if you want to sell your products than use “Shop now”“Order now” or “Check out now”. Using these words, you are directly telling your audience what to do next.

• Choose the right formula for the right medium – Call to action needs to be short and it doesn’t need to be more than six words. Short and direct words are more clickable than a long sentence; whereas in blog posts or landing pages, CTAs are normally lengthy that comprises min. two sentences to build up the real action.

If you don’t know the basic formula of a call to action than here is the formula which you need to apply every time you are making CTA.

• Decide whether you want to go positive or negative – You can make your call to action either negative or positive. Yes, these two are effective to make a prompt clickable action. A negative call to action will make the customer more relatable with their ailment, for example – “Are you tired of hair fall? Try our new hair fall rescue oil now!” Whereas, the positive version of it will be – Fight back from your hair fall problem with our new hair fall rescue oil.”

Here is the best example of an effective CTA button; Netflix has done focusing on all objections. Yes, most of the online users have the biggest fear to sign up because some websites cancel the subscription when you don’t hit like button at the end. But Netflix used that snag and grabbed more attention. They used CTA “Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime” followed by a CTA button “Join Free for a Month”. Moreover, they matched their Netflix’s logo color with their CTAs button. Through their CTA, they are directly letting their users know that there is no risk now, later or after the free trial.

Even, we have done this CTA task for our celebrated client who is into the broadband business. We used the CTA button “Book Now” and it got maximum clickable actions. In our ad content, we used “Plans starting at Rs.499/-”, so that users can immediately understand the message and hit the “Book Now” button. We focused on two things only – simple design and clear message which worked really great. Moreover, we also used the CTA color same as our client’s logo.

2. No analytics to measure performance

One of the biggest mistakes of marketers is that they don’t evaluate their website performance. It is important to keep a check on the data behind a website’s use. Always think and take your website as your investment, and to protect your investment you have to analyze your performance regularly.

Online marketing only gives you the freedom to test, track and adjust. There are many metrics tools like Google analytics for testing and tracking through which you can get information about your user’s behavior and allow you to set up goals to track conversion.

Popular free plugins are available for WordPress websites which will connect your website directly to Google Analytics.

Through this Google Analytic images, you can easily know what Google Analytics can provide. You can evaluate the visits of your website, demographics of the users, the percentage of visitors who visited the first time or returning visitors. You can easily evaluate the user’s behavior, the amount of time they are spending on your website and so on.

To make it more effective, combine your analytics data with your digital advertising campaign. By doing so, you can easily target your audience that grows your business.

3. Weak search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is also another important part of your website, you cannot rank your website on the top overnight. Moreover, no formula is there to rank your website promptly but you can implement different types of SEO tactics to increase your website ranking simultaneously. There was the time when some used to practice SEO with stuffed keywords, small content and loads of messy backlinks. And, if you are also practicing such SEO tactics than your website can be penalized anytime and will lose the website authority.

So, here are few things which you should focus on to rank your website on the top rank.

Focus on long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are perfect to target most searched users whereas it is the most natural language approach to reach an online audience. Through long-tail keywords, your website is likely to rank on the top easily for a longer time than short keywords. Moreover, long-tail keywords bring more relevant leads for your website.

For example – Instead of just “Digital marketing”, try to use Best digital marketing strategies”. Some users might be searching for some specific digital marketing strategies, therefore by using such long-tail keywords; you can help your users to get a specific result while building a relationship.

Another best example for long-tail keywords – If you do your first search on Google with a shorter keyword phrase (which is also known as a head term) then you will get a result of similar keywords to search as well on the bottom of the page. You can check out the image below.

Post quality content regularly

Posting quality content on a regular basis has become the most important SEO practice which is very effective for all business. To build a strong relationship with your regular or new visitors, it is important to provide fresh, unique and informative content. As we all know that content is a king in digital marketing, therefore it is very important to have an active blog on your website.

Through industry-related blog posts, you can give your potential customers some value to gain trust and build a brand relationship. Always try to make informative blogs and choose your topic wisely.

Boost social engagement

Social media platforms are great for customers’ engagement because it allows you to connect with customer individually. By using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, you can develop a strong relationship with your customers while strengthening your brand name and customer service appreciation.

Hence, make your blog post by linking share buttons of all social media platforms. By doing so, your website will rank at the top automatically.

4. No proper contact detail 

When you make a website for your business then it becomes everybody’s business. Right from the company’s details to contact details, everything needs to be correct because no one is going to put extra effort to get in touch with you. Therefore, keep your all company details clear so that customers or clients can contact you easily. Most website owners don’t put their phone number on the contact page which is one of the biggest web design mistakes.

For example – Add a clear call to action in the header with your contact number (for eg.– To know more, call us at xxxxxxxx or call at xxxxxxx), so that customers can contact you straight away. Marketers should focus on minimizing clicks and maximizing more prospects by adding “Contact us” page in the main navigation.

Don’t just give your contact number, make your users experience swift by allowing them to contact you via phone, email, and contact form submission via Facebook or Twitter or Google apps. Your customer doesn’t want to see your creativity, just keep it simple and clear.

Moreover, you can also make a clever move by adding an option to subscribe to their blog or website.

5. Bad mobile site experience

Many website owners fail to provide mobile-friendly user experience because of irresponsive web design. Therefore, it is important to have a responsive web design for handheld devices as well.

It is proven that about 67% of users prefer to shop or browse using a mobile site because it is easy and convenient to use whenever they want. Whereas, 40% of users go back to the competitor’s site after having bad browsing experience and 57% of users have said that they will not prefer to do business with a badly designed mobile site.

Nowadays, users are more connected with their mobile devices which results in more than 50% of website traffic that comes from mobile users only. None of us can afford to lose those customers presence because of poor mobile experience. So, better make a user-friendly site for seamless user’s experience.


Hope this article will help you to make your website great and generate more leads. If you have made any of these mistakes than fix it today. Hence, it is important to get started with a proper web design strategy and implement it correctly

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