Are you struggling with your business every day and trying new strategies to make your website visible online? We know the pain when you writhed so hard to achieve something but at the end you just screwed up all your SEO strategies. Your one small mistake or negligence can ruin the whole SEO plan and it will haunt you for years. Getting SEO strategy wrong may lead to some serious issues and it can harm your business base. And, if you have waffle it up enough, than you might get prey of Google penalties. Therefore, whenever you are making your SEO strategies be cautious about your ideas and tactics.

If your business is facing some trouble in Google ranking than don’t panic because everything is flexible in SEO. We have picked up top 5 common SEO mistakes that can be one of the reasons behind your business drop. So, let’s find out what are the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid.

1. Keyword Offenders

There is a big misconception about SEO that it revolves around keywords and keywords only. But the truth is keyword plays just a part of complex algorithm and if you will not use your keywords properly it can be harmful for your website. Therefore, you must make sure that you are not making these mistakes:

  • Uses of wrong keywords
  • Stuffing too many keywords
  • Optimizing on just one keyword

2. Low Quality Content

As we all know that content is a king in digital marketing hence, SEO and content marketing goes hands in hands. But how you are going to rule the market? So, if you want to increase your website visitors than ensure that you don’t have any scraped content and thin content.

  • Scraped content – Scraped contents are those content which are copied from other resource. Google can easily spot copied content from miles away, so don’t ever try to copy other’s content. Always try to create unique and informative content.
  • Thin content – Thin contents are very less informative and add little value to the readers. So, if your website has thin contents than nobody will visit your website and waste time on it.
  • Low quality content may lead to your bounce rate, if people are visiting your website and quickly exist your website it means your website is not helpful them.

3. No Clue about Your Website Mechanism

Many people forgets to check their website, how it works? So, just make sure that your website is fast, secure and mobile friendly. If not than you need to work on it immediately.

4. No Website Authority

Website authority is an assortment of signals which is very important for your website. If you want to see your website on top everywhere than you have to confirm that you don’t have any of these issues-

  • Low value or shady backlinks
  • Don’t have any affiliation on your website
  • No customer reviews

5. Forgotten Website Analytics

Proper tracking and analytics gives you the insight of your website. If you are not performing your website analytics examination regularly than you should start doing it right now. Through website analytics, one can check:

  • How many unique visitors and how many are visiting often.
  • Particular page that is generating leads
  • Location of the visitors
  • Website bounce rates
  • Exit rates of website
  • Average time spent by visitors on website
  • Non-branded or branded searches
  • Goal paths of the visitors
  • Referrals

If you will start doing your SEO audit regularly then you won’t make any mistake. Through SEO audit, you can get a clear picture of your business and can work on the issues instantly. Just make a right SEO strategy for your business and keep a check on your website timely. Your slackness could ruin your business, so better implement all tactics properly from the beginning.

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