Well, we all know that optimizing your website to generate leads is a tough row to hoe. Website is an important business tool for every business and all uses it differently. Some use website to generate instant revenue through ecommerce sales and others use it to generate leads. But, how one can successfully generate leads for their website and watch the leads pour in? It is surely not easy to get leads instantly however if you will focus more on strategic approach then one can easily accomplish.

Yes, you can increase your leads without investing in an extensive redesign and rebuild. All you need to try out these 5 simple hacks and see your business grow remarkably. So, stop struggling with the leads and get ready to generate leads for your business.

1. Get the right audience

The first question is how you are going to generate qualified leads? Generating unqualified leads is worthless because you cannot turn unqualified leads into qualified. Therefore, always focus on the right audience to your website and it actually works to get the right traffic. Just follow these three sources –

  • Search – As per the recent record, it is proven that around 50% of website traffic comes from search engines. Traffic comes from both organically or via paid search results.
  • Referral – Referral is a key source to receive massive traffic directly from qualified audience. Through social media, emails or websites, one can easily reach out to the targeted audiences.
  • Direct – Direct traffic is another main source to get instant traffic for your website. Users or audiences can directly visit the website by typing the URL or website name.

The combination of these three sources is unique to every industry and has a great potential in driving good leads.

2. Use forms

You will get many visitors through search, referral and direct, but what to do next to convert it into qualified leads? Just create a form for your website to generate the leads. Some visitors don’t want to buy anything but others are ready to share their information for meticulous and valuable content. And by adding special content in the forms, all free resources will help you as a lead magnet to start out your marketing record.

3. Make your website prominent

Don’t use the same old format of the website such as “About Us”, “Our products” and “Contact Us” pages. You will be caught into the trap of using cookie-cutter template. Always focus more on users-experience and what they want from your website. The moment you will start providing informative and most suitable contents, you will be able to build a trust amongst the customers.

4. Create informative content

Informative content is another important hack to generate website traffic. EBooks, webinars, white papers, video, spec sheets, checklists, etc. are the part of the informative contents which can be used to generate the leads for your business. When audiences find informative content in any website, they like to download or share hence, it is very important to read the psychology of the audiences or users. If, you are ready to exchange informative content than nothing will stop you to start getting leads for your business.

5. Repurpose existing content

We know it is really hard to create fresh informative content over and over again. But if you have some existing premium content than you can easily turn that piece of content into best piece of content. Just repurpose all existing print materials, create products and services comparisons or curate content from other competitor websites.

Well, the whole optimization process is about testing and testing, if you will implement all the strategies properly than you can easily generate leads for your business. Be careful about what kind of measures you are trying and try to improvise your website by comparing with others. If you will follow all these tips than you are surely going to generate leads.

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