2019 is going to be a huge success for marketers, if a few content marketing mistakes can be avoided. It is true that content marketing is the most effective way to do online marketing. But to make it successful in 2019 you have to create useful, unique and engaging content for the audience. Content marketing trend is changing every year; therefore pay extra attention to provide real value to your audience by avoiding silly mistakes.

However, the thing is how you are going to make sure that your content marketing strategies for 2019 are going to be right and profitable for your business. Planning the whole year content marketing strategy is not simple, but if you will start making plans for 2019 in advance and find out where you need to improve, the whole process will become easy.

Despite the fact that content marketing has a great scope to make a business successful, many marketers are still struggling to find out where their marketing strategies are going wrong.

Your one wrong content strategy or step can ruin your years of effort and can cost a lot for your business. Therefore, just to help you out to make your business profitable in 2019, here are the top 5 content marketing mistakes that every marketer should avoid:

1. Making content marketing strategies without any research

nexop technology content marketing mistakes

This is one of the biggest mistakes of marketers in content marketing when they don’t keep their basics right. Yes, it is very important to plan the entire content marketing strategies by doing thorough research and discussing the strategies with the team which didn’t work well in 2018.

Because if you are not clear about the strategies and doesn’t know how it will create, distribute and promote the content, then it is useless. Therefore, before making any strategy for your business just ask these questions to yourself –

  • Do you know your audience?
  • Will it help you to build brand awareness?
  • Will your content marketing gain the trust of the audience?
  • What is your plan for content sharing in social media?
  • How your content attract your buyers?
  • What format does your audience like to receive? (Is it infographics, Text, Videos, Blogs, Live Streams or Webinars?)

Content has been helpful, informative and actionable always as it helps to build trust and a strong relationship with the audience. So, once you will figure out what you want from content marketing strategy, just set your content plan properly.

nexop technology digital content mistakes 2019

Content strategies

Who – Know your audience

How – Select the reliable channel

Why – Know your objective

Where – Target the location

What – Draft a relevant message

When – Connect at the right time   

2. Copying other’s content

content copyright nexop technology 2019

Copying or stealing other’s content is the biggest mistake in content marketing. Google favors original and informative content only, so plagiarism should be strictly prohibited while creating content. Before you start writing, do thorough research on your topic and gather all the information to come up with an original content idea. 

Make sure that you are collecting data or facts from trusted sources and provide references from which you are quoting main information. And if you are using your competitor’s facts or data then ensure that you are not violating their ethical guidelines.

If you are also targeting the same audience, you can use the same topic ideas and content structure but it should have enough originality.

Use content for which you are authorized to use or else your content can get DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice to take down the website materials. Hence, whenever you are creating content always be simple, real and concise while providing information. This is how you can create a helpful content for the audience while growing your brand awareness and fans or follower base.

You can use helpful tools like BuzzSumo to improve your content marketing campaigns.

3. Limited marketing channel

content marketing channel 2019 nexop technology

To excel in content marketing one should know the value of content in their business. As we all know that content is a king, don’t limit your content marketing strategies with fewer methods. Guest post is very popular amongst marketers but doesn’t limit your brand by doing only guest blogging. You have to go beyond of it and think from where your targeted audience will find your valuable content.

There are different types of content in content marketing which you can compose as per your brand’s requirement.

Here are some examples of content types which you can use in 2019 –

content marketing channel infographics nexop technology

Different types of content in marketing

  • Blog posts
  • Video contents
  • Infographics
  • How to guides
  • Questions and answers
  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

Working with influencer of your niche and requesting them to share your content will be a very effective content marketing strategy. Yes, influencers are playing an important role in spreading information among people due to their trusted suggestions and reference.

Ultimately, your brand needs to be different from others to stand out in the crowd, thus always be clear how you are going to target the audience.

However, if your content marketing plan is not aligned with your marketing goal, then you will never get the best result.

4. Expecting instant result

content instant result nexop technology 2019

In content marketing, you have to be patience and persistence to get a positive result. You have to follow the complete content marketing strategy properly; you can’t rush into content marketing to get a quick result. If you will try to experiment with shortcuts, it will eventually put you in trouble only.

Content marketing needs a lot of efforts right from creating content for distributing content on different channels. The slow and steady method may take time but it always brings a positive result.

5. Producing weak or duplicate content

duplicate weak content nexop technology

Weak or duplicate content always get penalized by the Google since the time Panda Algorithm introduced in February 2011. The main purpose of this algorithm is to reduce low-quality content from Google search and rank high-quality informative content on the top in SERP’s.

No matter how good your website looks but if your website has low-quality content, it can make a negative effect on your website’s ranking. Whereas in the case of high-quality content; audience or visitors learn more about the brand and it builds trust for the brand.

To rank your website on the top Google search, you have to create unique, informative and user-friendly content, so that Google and audience both find it helpful. So, never think of using weak or duplicate content for your website because Google will never rank weak content ever.


Content marketing is the most effective marketing method which can make your brand if you will implement all strategies properly. Remember that your content should not just endorse your brand but convert visitors into customers.

These are some of the most common mistakes that many marketers make when it comes to content marketing. Hence, keep these mistakes on your mind and don’t repeat it in 2019 because you can’t risk your brand name over and over again.

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